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Chalcheck Ltd - licence check servies
Chal  Check driver licence checking team

The Directors of Chalcheck have over 60 years experience between them of providing Transport to the public and private sectors and understand the daily pressure on costs and keeping up with continuous legislation. There is always someone like us trying to make you spend your hard earned money on yet another piece of legislation.

This time however there are some plus points, it gives you Peace of mind knowing all your drivers have a valid licence and that you have fulfilled your duty of care, and that you are properly insured, and of more importance escape the possibility of a corporate manslaughter conviction. A driver without a valid licence would invalidate your insurance which would have a devastating effect on your business.

On a case study carried out this year it was found that with the introduction of regular licence checks it had a huge effect on the number of incidents and speed camera offences, and because of this there was actually a reduction in their insurance premium which helped towards the cost of licence checking.

We know how important it is that you have the proper information at the best price, as all information comes from DVLA Swansea why pay more than you need to, contact us and we will advise you on the best appropriate scheme to suit you.

Meet the Senior Management members of the Chalcheck team

Terry Reynolds:

Terry has been involved in passenger transport since 1971, so has a great knowledge of the industry, he was the first to have commercial access coaches in the U.K. and has also set up and run commercial Patient Transport Services for NHS Trusts, so he understands the pressure on all transport managers whether from the private or public sector, and the continuous legislation they have to cope with, including Licence checking.

Paul Bridges : Company Director

Paul has been involved in the running of transport since 1993, and worked for the first commercial company running a fleet of ambulances. He put the first licence checking system in operation used by a company supplying private ambulances to the NHS. This was when there was no computer connection and had to be done by telephoning DVLA. He is now using his valuable knowledge as a DVLA ADD operator helping other companies and the NHS with driving licence checking on the new systems available.

Elizabetta : Administration

Elizabetta has been part of Chalcheck since its formation  and before that was involved in Transport administration supplying escorted holidays worldwide for people with disabilities and also dealing with drivers, Vosa and customers including NHS and council transport  for children with special needs, and of course private hire.

Isabelle Flert : Administration

Isabelle joined the team in 2010 and has been involved admin and sales, she has dealt with incoming passengers from Europe to the U.K. and is able to give our customers sound advice on driving licences and any conviction codes, she is also in charge of the training needed for new employees of Chalcheck.