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Chalcheck Ltd - licence check servies
licence check servies
Data Security

It is very important that our customers are aware of how secure their data is with us. All data collected by Chalcheck Ltd. is locked away in our secure and police-response alarmed premises on secured systems. We are only allowed to show the data to the requesting company (our customer) once the driver has sent a completed, signed and dated fair processing declaration form for checks on their licence to be carried out. The driver's fair processing declaration lasts for three years. The fair processing declaration form gives the company (our customer) permission to check a driver anytime they wish during the three years. The fair processing declaration will expire when the driver leaves the company or after three years.

Under DVLA regulations Chalcheck has to store the fair processing declaration records for a total of seven years from the date when the fair processing declaration is given.

As part of our duty of care to the requesting company (our customer) we are signed up to the Data Protection Act Number Z1728591. We can be prosecuted if we do not comply with the Act.

DVLA also take the security and handling of their data very seriously. DVLA require all suppliers of automated licence checks to become an approved checking service Access Drivers Data or ADD. They ensure that all ADD appointed companies comply with strict rules on data input, storage and transmission. Additionally, there are inspections to ensure we're compliant with the rules. If any ADD company is found to be in breach of DVLA rules they can lose their connection with DVLA for a month or in extreme circumstances their secure line will be withdrawn indefinitely.

Chalcheck Ltd. is an ADD checker we can be found on DVLA's list

If you are a driver of one of our customers please feel free to call us directly to discuss any fear you may have about data security. In choosing Chalcheck your employer has chosen a company that prides itself in data security and management. It's in your, your company's and our interest that your licence details are kept safe and up-to-date.

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ChalCheck LTD is registered with Data Protection agency - Registration No: Z1728591