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UK Driver Licence Check Services

Chalcheck have developed a scheme fully compliant with Data Protection and checked by the DVLA to offer to organisations in both the public and private sector that allows choice in how you satisfy "Duty of Care" in carrying out Licence checks.

There are other organisations that will offer schemes but they tend to be one off checks and or software driven that require management, administration and detailed input by yourselves.

Chalcheck operate on the basis that once you have chosen the option that best meets your needs, we will then do the rest. This will ensure all your registered drivers including casual and part time have their licences checked at appropriate intervals satisfying the legislation and your own peace of mind.

Chalcheck already provides this invaluable service to the NHS. All options provide results and reports that are forwarded to each department / location using our web based system allowing informed decisions to be made and action taken if any of their registered drivers are in breach, thus fulfilling "Duty of Care".

We also offer a monitoring scheme where we will monitor on your behalf. Why not contact us to find out more.